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Your good credit score gives you peace of mind! Continue maintaining it.

Save your cash! Car Finance Canada offers our Good Credit Customers the best car financing rates and terms available in our industry. We deal with major lending institutions that are eager to compete for your business. Save your cash and keep your line of credit for day to day expenses. Let our Credit Specialists show you how we can provide top tier customer service for all your auto financing requirements.


We help you rebuild your credit. Start again but this time more wisely.

We understand that many people, from time to time, have temporary employment or credit problems. Even if your current credit rating has been compromised by bad credit, a low credit score, bankruptcy, repossession, collections, late payments, or a consumer proposal, we can get you approved for a bad credit car loan in Toronto quickly and efficiently.


It is never too late to start building your credit.

If you pay cash and live within your means, this would appear to be financially responsible. However, many lenders to not share this point of view. Many look upon no credit as bad credit. We look beyond the numbers and work with our lenders to secure you the best terms and rates for your no credit car loan. A car loan is one of the most efficient ways of establishing a good credit rating, while enjoying the new vehicle you have purchased.


Stop dreaming. Start driving!

There are a lot of considerations when buying your first car and all these decisions can add up to a rather stressful experience. Let us make your first car loan experience simple and uncomplicated. Our Credit Specialists have worked with many first time car buyers and we can secure you a first time car buyer loan at the best rate and financing terms available. A car loan, paid back promptly, is one of the best ways to establish your credit and improve your credit score, and you get to enjoy your new vehicle while doing it!


We will put you on the right CREDIT path!

As a recent graduate, it's time to make your mark in the world. Let us help you obtain a car loan at the best rate and term available. We have years of experience working with new graduates and we can help get you started on your career path by providing you the means to buy reliable transportation. A car loan is the best way to establish new credit or repair current credit issues.


Everyone deserves a second chance! Start again but this time more wisely.

A divorce can sometimes have a devastating effect on your credit rating. Usually one party gets the car, leaving the other in need of immediate transportation. We understand what you are going through and our Credit Specialists will handle your car loan with courtesy and respect. We'll work with our established lenders to get you the best rates and terms for your loan, along with reliable transportation so you can get on with your life.


You work hard and nothing should be impossible!

Some lenders look at self employed individuals as an additional credit risk. The loan application process can take a long time and involve a lot of unnecessary paperwork. We understand you have a business to run and you need a reliable vehicle sooner rather than later. We have plenty of financing experience with self employed customers and we will work with our lenders to get you the best rates and terms for your car loan, without a lot of red tape.


Start building your credit and do it wisely!

There are a lot of considerations and decisions to make when buying your first vehicle. Let our Credit Specialists work with you to get the best financing rates at the best possible terms available. We have the experience and expertise, in helping customers that are new to this country, who have no credit history. A car loan is one of the best ways to establish a good credit rating, while enjoying your new vehicle as you begin your new life in Canada.


Your family deserves a better chance! Start again but this time more wisely.

A bankruptcy has the most negative effect on your credit rating. Many lenders refuse to lend to an individual who has declared bankruptcy. We understand that this is often a chance for a new beginning. Even if you are not discharged you have car loan options specifically designed for this credit circumstance. A car loan can be the first step in rebuilding your credit and re-establishing a good credit rating.


Life is full of complications but your Car Loan should not be!

If you have had a vehicle repossessed in the past, this does not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a car loan. Our Credit Specialists will work with you closely to help obtain a car loan at the best rates and terms for your circumstances. We know that a promptly paid car loan is probably the best way to repair your credit after a repossession. Let us help you re establish your credit.


Your Late Payments should not stop you of moving forward!

We understand that, from time to time, almost everyone has some temporary financial problems that may result in a record of late payments. Many lenders will penalize you for this with very high interest rates to compensate for a late payment history. Our Credit specialists will go beyond the numbers to better understand your current credit circumstances in order to secure you the best rate and term for your car loan. Put our years of credit experience and expertise to work for you.


Life starts at retirement! Enjoy the ride.

Just because you are retired it does not mean you have no places to go. We work with many customers on a fixed retirement income and we can get you approved for a car loan quickly and efficiently, so you can get on with your travels. A car loan is one of the best ways of keeping your good credit current, while enjoying your new vehicle.